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September Student Spotlight - Ramisa Fariha ScM'20

Incoming Master's student Ramisa Fariha's celebrity crush helped her realize she wanted to be a biomedical engineer. Growing up in Bangladesh, she had very slow dialup internet and had to share internet time with her cousins, brother, and parents. But she still managed to find ways to learn about Dave Bautista, an actor and professional wrestler. "He was the only and biggest crush of my life," Fariha says. "His then-wife, Angie, had ovarian cancer. I started looking in [ovarian cancer] and came across Dr. Jeff Morgan's paper on mouse ovaries. At the time, it was just a news article about researchers at Brown working to create the first artificial ovary for mice." After reading the article, she spent the next several years following Dr. Morgan's work and expanding her interest in ovarian tissue engineering.